sunnuntaina, elokuuta 21, 2005

Tällä hetkellä - Just now

Liekkipipo Novitan nuorisoliitteen ohjeella. Tosin vaihdoin punaisen langan tummempaan. Kirjoneule on ollu aina vähän ongelmallinen mulle. Takana juoksevien lankojen oikea kireys on hankala sovittaa oikein. Pipo onnistuessaan menee Juniorille.

Cap with flames by Novita. I only knit it darker red than what is in pattern. Coloured knitting has always been trouble maker for me. The yarn behind is always too strict or too loose. I think that Junior will the cap if it looks cool inaf.

2 kommenttia:

Jorun kirjoitti...

My boys would love caps like this! Where did you find the pattern? (I suppose it wouldn't be too difficult to draw flames on diagram paper now when I've seen an example.)

I will come back to your blog, you have done some really nice things! (Most of all I envy your big table...)

tikru kirjoitti...

Welcome again. That pattern to the flame cap is Novita's pattern magazine for youngs. It is finnish knitting magazine and also ofcourse yarn company.

That patterns is not very complicated, I'll put better picture, so it would be easier to see... :)

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