lauantaina, lokakuuta 22, 2005

Mystery clue 3

Yes.. finished that one. And I made not one, not two, but maybe ten or more mistakes, but several of those were easy to repair. No frogging :). I am good to forget YOs and next lace row I just wondered where the hell is one loop? So some loop fishing has done. There is some mistakes on the lace too and if you watch carefully you may see those. But I'm not going to loose my next night dreams.

Now the mystery is waiting over week. My printer doesn't work, so I have to print clue 4 at work. I looked the clue yesterday and well.. I think my hair started getting grey. But maybe I handle it when I get it on the paper.

Below is my new pullover. It finished today. Yarn is Kitten Mohair and the pattern is my own.
I'm not sure do I like it or not..

Alla on kietsusta kuvatus ilman sisältöä. Se näyttää tuossa ihan kivalle, mutta kun sen laittaa päälle niin hmph.

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