maanantaina, elokuuta 06, 2007


Vain enkuks tänään, en onnistu kääntää.

EDIT: Paitsi että, törmäsin kaupassa Novitan Mamboon, sammalenvihreä on ihan mulle. Siitä tulee paita, tosin ne langat on vielä kaupassa, mut väri aiheutti pitkästä aikaa hypähdyksiä Novitan takia. Sivuilla tuo väri on ainakin tällä näytöllä ihan toinen kuin livenä kaupassa.

I visited my Granma, she is the one, who has guided and shown so much for me about crafts. All kind of crafts. And now, she promised to spin with wheel with me. Yep. I lost my connect with reality. I have thought that spinning is something what I do not want to do, butbut.. I got wheel from home, old and full of old memories about our clan, I mean my fathers relatives. I have no idea how to spin or could I do it, but I'll try. I want to try because former generations of my family have spinned, why not me. I want to be part of some kind chain.

Granma has nameday on wednesday and with coffee and cake we'll spin. Or try :).

And now, Mum, I'm so sorry that I hadn't got nerves to end all those yarn ends of the socks you knitted (I knotted some of...). They were the last pair from your hands and they have stripes, I still have them. Now I have realized (after 15 yrs) why you were so angry.

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